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Beginning of a Dream Come True…Identity-as-a-Service(IDaaS).
Delivering functionality that has only been available in traditional products,
with the simplicity and a price point that will pleasantly shock you.

IDaaS Next is an already mature and interesting offering with a well-thought-out roadmap for further improvements. - KuppingerCole

IDaaS Next..
Experience the Difference

Ilantus provides a solution that covers a variety of aspects around IDaaS. For example, for the primary use cases of IDaaS SSO it delivers a variety of integrations to existing logins, beyond the commonly found IDaaS scope on integration with Microsoft Active Directory. This is based on its own built-in identity story, which then provides integrations to a variety of existing directory services, including LDAP directories, HR systems, and others. - KuppingerCole

Key Features

Nested Sub Tenanting

Multi Domain

Extensive ULM Features

Extensive Governance Features

Adaptive Authentication

Mobile App Enabled

Smartphone Style User Experience

Thick Client Support

Any Directory

Extensive Analytics and Reports

KuppingerCole Executive View

Integration with Cloud services and on-premise applications is easily supported. On one hand, Ilantus delivers a broad set of connectors to various applications while on the other hand the solution comes with a “do-it-yourself wizard” that simplifies the configuration of new target applications. In contrast to many IDaaS offerings, Ilantus focuses on supporting the full set of features we expect to see in IDaaS B2E type offerings, i.e. beyond Single Sign-On to capabilities such as User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance.

IDaaS - Myth & Reality

The IT industry is known for having one of the best marketing strategies…less about companies developing techniques that would solve real problems and more about creating “Hype” awareness. Make customers believe they have a problem that the technology can solve. Real problem solving is about listening to what your customers need not what you want them to believe they need.

Take Single Sign On. Most companies need Single Sign On. But not just a sign on tool. Customers need a solution that is comfortable to use and has the comprehensiveness of a User Lifecycle Management solution that would address all applications and most use cases (not just the simple hype use case). It should be an efficient and simple way that not only manages access, it also creates a good governance system. Customers ask for a decent authentication system, integration to other technologies such as mobile device management and a solution that is affordable, quick to deliver and reasonably customizable.

ILANTUS listens and IDaaS> is the response. This is the solution that addresses what customers want and need rather than “what technologists make them think they want.”


Identity as a Service (IDaaS) delivers identity management tools on demand via the internet in a simple and efficient way.

We are a small company with less resources than perhaps a tiny business unit of IBM.

ILANTUS and Identity management were born almost together, in the year 2000.

With so many business applications it is not unusual for people to need to log in to five, ten, even twenty websites every day!


Customers deploy our products in a multitude of ways to solve their toughest security and access challenges.


Extensive coverage through world's most prominent service providers


Meet our customers. We do all that we can to make our customers successful, here are just a few.


We would not have grown for 16 long years without customer sucess!
ILANTUS has been a pioneer in customer support in IAM.
From the very first generation of products to the ILANTUS IDaaS, ILANTUS has supported it all. Our support model is unique and options are far more customizable than any other IDaaS player in the industry.

Standard Support

Comes by default with product purchase and/or annual license renewal.

  • ✔ Coverage: 8x5
  • ✔ Support Model: Offshore
  • ✔ Support Mode: Service Desk Tool/Email
  • ✔ Minor Releases/Patches
Application Management Support

Customized Managed Services based on customer environment needs

  • ✔ Priority Coverage: Tailored Options…24x7, 12x7, 8x7, 12x5 , 8x5
  • ✔ Support Model: Tailored Options…Off-shore/On-site/Hybrid
  • ✔ Support Mode: Service Desk Tool/Email/Telephone
  • ✔ Enterprise Grade SLA for Response and Resolution
  • ✔ Priority Response and Resolution Time
  • ✔ Scope: Customized to the Product Environment
  • ✔ Consulting Options: Included with Support Model
  • ✔ On-Site Support Options: Add on offered with Support Model

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